IMVU Mobile 2.7

A chat client that allows the user to create and customize a 3D avatar

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    Android 4.1.1 / Android 4.2.2 / Android 4.3 / Android 4.1.2 / Android 4.2 / Android 4.1 / Android 4.2.1

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IMVU Mobile is a brand new messaging platform designed for smartphones and tablets. These days, most people chat with others via video chat or instant messaging. This particular app throws 3D avatars into the mix. People communicate via text while their avatars react to the conversation in various ways. 3D avatars aren't a new concept, but IMVU Mobile is perhaps the best mobile iteration of the concept available today. At this point, over a million people have tried out the messaging app since its introduction.

An interested person downloads the app and creates their own account. From there, they customize an avatar to look like themselves or whoever they prefer. Hundreds of customization options are available from head to toe. If an individual can picture an avatar, then they can probably recreate that image within the app. IMVU Mobile is popular because of how deep this avatar customization goes. After the avatar is created, users can add friends to their contacts list and get started on the platform.

Users chat with each other via instant message rather than video or voice chat. All the common messaging features are included here. Therefore, users can send text or images to each other at the touch of a button. 3D avatars react to the conversation and are displayed in one of various environments based on the real world. Users see their avatars interact with each other, and it's possible to use various emotes with the avatar. This setup makes everything more immersive for users looking to connect with each other.

Another core part of IMVU Mobile allows users to take photos of their avatars. A user can apply various filters and effects to these photos as well. For some, sharing these images is part of the fun of the application. In-app purchases are available for cosmetic items that change the appearance of the avatar, but such purchases aren't necessary. The app is otherwise free to use and communicate with other users. IMVU Mobile runs smoothly and doesn't include too many bugs or glitches, but the app does drain a device's battery.

For most smartphone and tablet users, IMVU Mobile is a novel idea and concept. Creating a 3D avatar is quite fun, and watching avatars interact during text chats is interesting. IMVU Mobile continues to add more features to the mix in order to keep users engaged and happy. Currently, a number of similar apps are available, but few of them reach the level of immersion offered by IMVU Mobile. It's difficult to recommend a competing app over this one based on how many customization options and other features are available.


  • 3D avatar creator is packed with customization options
  • Various environments improve the overall level of immersion
  • App runs as intended and makes in-app purchases optional


  • In-app purchases are fairly useless and are overpriced
  • IMVU Mobile can cause excessive battery drain on devices
  • Users may prefer traditional text messaging or video chatting to avatars

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